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Stained Glass Beer Panel ~ 6" x 9"

Stained Glass Beer Panel ~ 6" x 9"

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Stained Glass Beer Panel

Featuring an original design by me, inspired by Bang Brewing with their delicious all-organic ales and lagers.

Size: 6" x 9"
Glass: Transparent seedy orange/yellow for a bubbly glass of Bang beer, opaque creamy white for a proper pour amount of beer foam at the top (notice the texture on the foam out the top of the beer glass), and bordered in with my favorite swirly, clear textured Taffeta glass. 
Finish: Lead Border with Black Patina on 50/50 Lead Solder. Read: CONTAINS LEAD! Handle with care and wash hands after touching. The piece is finished with a wax polish that does a protective layer on top of the lead and a decent amount of shine.
Chain: Matching jack chain in black. 
Display Recommendation: Please use the included hook to hang this piece from a wooden window frame, or us a window lock to hang the piece as both are very secure ways to display. DO NOT use a window suction device as those tend to fail and may cause damage to the piece if it falls.

Each stained glass piece is handmade and is considered a one-off work of art. Additionally, please note that sheets of stained glass contain bubbles, creases, and other imperfections. 

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Caution - Contains Lead!

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