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Fused Glass Fried Egg with Salt & Pepper Oval Dish

Fused Glass Fried Egg with Salt & Pepper Oval Dish

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Fused Glass Oval Dish Fried Eggs with Salt & Pepper Frit Seasoning

HIGH quality glass snack & rolling trays handmade by Sarahberry Glass ✨

Each tray is made by firing glass multiple times in my little garage studio kiln! First I fuse two layers of sheet glass together at 1420°F (cut to tray size) - one layer being a pattern/design or colorful sheet of glass, and the other being a food grade safe top layer of clear, lead-free Bullseye Tekta Glass. Then, for a decorative top layer, smaller pieces of glass are cut/melted to form and delicately placed on top of the 2 layers of fused glass sheets for a contour tack kiln firing. Finally, the tray design is ready to "slump" into the rolling/snack tray form with one last 1300°F kiln firing to finish the piece!

These trays are made with so much love and care for sharing fun glass art with you all. This is a form I've been working on creating for over a year now. I got my first tray mold in 2022 and had been dreaming about making different dishes/trays since! Each one keeps turning out so good!! I can't wait to make more and I know they will bring a lot of happiness to your home/safe spaces.
Cheers & lots of love, Sarah :)

Size: approx. 8in by 5in; 8oz

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Zero Waste Packing Promise - All packaging and shipping materials are compostable, recyclable, and/or are reused from packing supply donations (thanks friends)!

Care info: hand wash these when needed rather than putting them through the dishwasher! This will keep your tray from picking up water stains over the years :) Reach out anytime with questions

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A little more info

About the Straws

Are they dishwasher safe?

Absolutely, yes! Place all your Sarahberry Glass straws in the dishwasher for easy cleaning. Use the included brush with dish soap for any extra cleaning necessary.

What's the packaging actually made of?

Compostable cello bags derived from FSC-certified wood-cellulose (they are also vegan and non-GMO) by elevate packaging, and other plant based materials.

Will they fit in everything?

The 12mm/half inch wide straw is best paired with to-go drinks, smoothies (try Daily Harvest), milkshakes, coffee drinks, and so much more. They also fit into cans & bottles!