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Chocolate Strawberry & Mint Stained Glass Panel ~ 6" x 9"

Chocolate Strawberry & Mint Stained Glass Panel ~ 6" x 9"

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Chocolate Covered Strawberries, in mint green

Featuring an original design by me, inspired during a Valentine's Day tradition of dipping strawberries in chocolate with my niece!

Size: 6" x 9"
Glass: Mint green solid border; Swirly black and white "chocolate dip"; 2 different transparent/cathedral red "strawberries"; Plus various wispy, transparent/cathedral, and iridescent green glass.
Finish: Lead Border with Black Patina on 50/50 Lead Solder (read: CONTAINS LEAD! Handle cautiously)
Chain: Matching jack chain in black + a decent length of black cord for various height placement in a window frame.


Each stained glass piece is handmade and is considered a one-off work of art. Additionally, please note that sheets of stained glass contain bubbles, creases, and other imperfections. 

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Caution - Contains Lead!

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